Hornets 2013 - Rename the Bodcats!

Hornets 2013's was created to bring the Hornets name back to Charlotte where it belongs. It was created to give the grassroots 'Return the Hornets' movements a unified, iconic, and open source campaign identity.

I want to thank John Morgan from Charlotte We Bee-lieve and Evan and Scotty Kent from Bring Back the Buzz for all their hard work creating and nurturing the movement. Without their work none of this would have been possible.

Dear Mr. Jordan,

Hornets 2013 is dedicated to getting the Charlotte Bobcats renamed to the Charlotte Hornets.  You know the history of the original Hornets leaving, of Charlotte getting another NBA expansion team named the Bobcats and the blunders of the previous owner in dealing with the people of Charlotte (for those who don't know, read this).  There is no point dwelling on the past. We can't change the past, but can influence the future.

When you took over majority ownership of the Bobcats, that was the first step in repairing their relationship with the city.  With the purchase, you inherited a team and a brand that was already poisoned in the mind of the fans.  To your credit, you have made positive changes to the Bobcats brand in the hopes reigniting Charlotte's love for their NBA team.  Despite your efforts, the negative stigma remains.  Now you and the organization have an opportunity to hit the reset button with the city and fans by re-acquiring the Hornets name from New Orleans / NBA.

We loved and supported the Hornets even when they were one of the worst teams in the NBA.  The Hornets were the original professional sports team in Charlotte.  They signaled to the world that Charlotte had come of age and was no longer a second rate southern city.  We as a city and as basketball fans have had a hole in our hearts ever since the Hornets were ripped away from us.  A wound that you can finally heal.  This is North Carolina!  This is Basketball country!  We have the greatest college basketball rivalry in the country (like I have to tell you)!  We breed and raise die-hard basketball fans by the thousands.  We live and die with our teams in March and we want to live and die again with the Hornets!

Will the name change solve all the teams problems?  No.  Will people be pounding on the box office windows wanted to be season ticket holders?  Who knows.  What it will do is break the indifference, and signal the beginning of a new era for professional basketball in Charlotte.

Please, Michael, bring back the Hornets!

-Andrew Wilkerson
Charlotte Hornets Fan  

Print Your Own Posters!

Show your support by printing your own posters!  The 2013 comes in two sizes.  8.5" x 11" for your average home printer.  And 11" x 17" if you have a larger format printer.

8.5" x 11" Printable Poster

8.5" x 11" Printable Poster

11" x 17" Printable Poster

11" x 17" Printable Poster

Sign the Petition

The most important thing you can do to help the movement is to sign the petition asking Michael Jordan to rebrand the Bobcats, and bring the Hornets back Charlotte.

Sign it here:
Change.org The Charlotte Bobcats: Rename Charlotte's NBA Franchise the HORNETS.

The Movement

This website is just one fan's attempt to rally support for the renaming the Bobcats to the Hornets.  By no means is this the extent of the movement.   The movement has been spearheaded for years by John Morgan of Charlotte We-Beelieve: Take back your Hornets.  He was later joined by Evan and Scotty Kent of Bring Back the Buzz.  John (a teacher) and company have given a ton of their free time and money creating and nurturing the movement.  Without their work this website and campaign wouldn't not be possible.  I personally want to thank them for all their hard work!   Please go to: charlottewebelieve.com and bringbackthebuzz.com and support their work!

The purpose of this site is to help support the movement and to create a branded campaign.  Please show your support by signing the petition, printing out a 2013 poster, and purchasing one of their shirts or stickers!

Help Support the Movement

First - Visit Charlottewebeelieve.com and BringbacktheBuzz.com and "like" them or leave a comment.  Just let them know that you care, and all their hard work isn't in vain!

Second - They have been supporting the movement for a few years now by selling merchandise.  Go there and pick up a poster or sticker or even a shirt and show your support.